Scotland is known as the land where the game of Golf was invented. And more than just the origin of the game, today Scotland is still one of the leading countries where gold if enjoyed and played. Countless people from all over the world head to Scotland when they want a golf holiday. The country boasts of grounds where golf is played by international players, as well as hobby players. Scotland is also the land where hospitality is taken seriously still. Whether you stay in a five star hotel, or as a house guest, you will find that there is not much left wanted when it comes to hospitality in Scotland. 

People looking for golf breaks scotland will be pleased to know that there are a many different courses include in St. Andrews, Gleneagles, Dumfries and Galloway, Portpatrick, and countless other towns and areas around the country. These places are famous for their golf grounds, and for the amateurs that come there to play the game. Scotland has one of the most scenic countrysides for any country in Europe, and you can also enjoy the countryside when you are not playing Golf. You can visit any of the old castles that Scotland is famous for, or visit the Loch's that we have heard so much about. The country is also famous for its highlands, where the scenery is all the more enticing. You can visit the highlands on a hired car, and take a trip where you just go and drive there.

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Scotland was declared the 'Established Golfing Destination of the year' in 2004, which again highlights how important golf is for the country. The country is practically littered with countless golf courses, where you can tee off and enjoy the game. In addition to hosting some of the world's most popular courses, the country also hosts some of the lesser known courses, that are still some of the best courses in the world. Scotland has been rightly called the treasure chest of golf courses, and there is no surprise about this appellation. The country really does boast of some of the best courses man has ever made.

The only thing you have to worry about when it comes to your golf break Scotland is that you should take care about your accommodation, as well as transport to and from the golf course. Additionally, make sure you get the reservation to tee at the course at the time of your choice.